With Chytomo’s support, an anthology of Ukrainian poetry to be published in the USA


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US publisher River Paw Press is going to release the anthology Sunflowers: Ukrainian Poetry on War, Resistance, Hope and Peace. Chytomo was informed about this by the editor of the book Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

The poems of Ukrainian authors will be presented both in Ukrainian and English. The anthology features works of Olga Bragina, Olaf Clemensen, Dmytro Dovbush, Valentyna Davydenko, Victoria Feshchuk, Daryna Gladun, Mykola Horbal, Olha Kalinina, Iya Kiva, Andrii Kuranov, Halyna Kyrpa, Yuliya Musakovska, Oleksandr Mymruk, Lesyk Panasiuk and many others.


The book also contains a section with the poems of English-speacking writers about Ukraine and war. Among them are Olena Jennings, Laurie Kuntz, Olga Livshin, Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla, Oleksandr Fediienko, Kim Malinowski, Gloria Mindock, Phillip Periman.


Over all the anthology features works of seventy-eight poets and translators.


“What touched me the most was the opportunity to work with the poets on the battlefields of Ukraine, defending their country, yet writing poetry, and finding time to respond whenever I needed their approval on editing and publishing their works. The kindest words of appreciation I received were from the battlegrounds of Ukraine. Such a reward one can’t put any price on. Someday, I wish to visit Ukraine to meet all writers who have poured their hearts into this anthology. I hope peace prevails soon in the Land of Sunflowers and poetry lives on like the endless light of the sun,” stressed Singh-Chitnis in the editor’s note to the book.


She aslo added that while working on the anthology, it was important for her to get to the essence of the poems in their original language in order to make selections alongside reading their English translations. It was her first experience with a project like that.



The anthology of Ukrainian poetry is now available for pre-orders at the link. The pre-sale price is $20. 100% of proceeds from pre-orders made between September 18 and October 13 will be donated to support the charitable organisation Ukraine TrustChain, that brings aid and evacuation to Ukrainians in the active war zone, and Chytomo.


Kalpna Singh-Chitnis is an Indian-American poetess, Editor-in-Chief of Life and Legends magazine, Translation editor of IHRAF Writes and an Advocacy Member of the UN Association of the USA.


As was reported before, in France, a bilingual anthology of Ukrainian poetry Ukraine. 24 Poets for One Country (Ukraine. 24 poètes pour un pays) was published, and a collection of Ukrainian essays about the war Ukraine, My Love. Voices of Free Nation (Ukraine mon amour. Stimmen einer freien Nation) was published in Austria.