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James Oliver Curwood. Kazan

Curwood, James Oliver
Kazan / James Oliver Curwood. — Kyiv : Znannia, 2018. — 239 p. — (Ame­rican Library).

It is one of the best-known novels by the American prose writer and conservationist James Oliver Curwood (1878—1927) which belongs to the gold fund of adventure literature and continues the best traditions of Jack London’s works. Because of his origin, a quarter of a wolf and three quarters of a dog, Kazan is torn between two worlds — the one of the people and that of the animals. The struggle of the two bases does not stop for a moment, making the reader worry about the destiny of this incredibly noble and handsome animal merciless to all those who violate his rights and thoughtful of those who is not indifferent to him.

Номер стенду: Галерея №038, палатка №52

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