Зарубіжна художня література

Rudyard Kipling. Кim

Kipling, Rudyard
Кim / Rudyard Kipling. — Кyiv : Znannia, 2018. — 366 p. — (English Library).
ISBN 978-617-07-0609-6

“Kim” by Rudyard Kipling (1865—1936) is one of the first spy novels in the world literature which is entered on the gold reserves of the classics for teenagers. The history of a boy who has sharp wit, likes to be in the epicentre of events and is quickly growing up is being spread before us. Having made Lama’s acquaintance, who is looking for the holy river, Kim sets off with him to tour Hindustan, on his way finding time for carrying out the commissions of the agents of the British special services. This novel is about the formation of the personality, the search of one’s destiny and, what is most important, about the ability to survive in the complicated and contradictory world.

Номер стенду: Галерея №038, палатка №56

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