21 national monuments destroyed by constant russian shelling


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As of June 25, 396 russian war crimes against Ukrainian cultural heritage have been recorded, reports the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.  

In total, 123 cultural heritage sites have been damaged. Constant shelling and rocket attacks have destroyed 21 national monuments, 9 local monuments, and 7 newly discovered cultural heritage sites.  


In addition, 100 historical sites and 144 religious buildings have been completely destroyed or damaged. 


The enemy has also destroyed 43 memorials, 31 buildings of museums and reserves, 79 houses of culture, theaters and libraries in Ukraine.  


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As of June 10, 388 russian war crimes against Ukrainian cultural heritage have been recorded. 


The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine is recording russian crimes against Ukrainian cultural heritage on a special websitehttps://culturecrimes.mkip.gov.ua/.


The damaged caused to Ukraine’s cultural facilities by the russian military since the start of the full-scale invasion has reached $272 million.   


Cultural Disaster: What Ukrainian Sites Were Destroyed by Russian Occupiers