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Four Ukrainian journalists perished defending Ukraine in July


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Four Ukrainian media workers were killed in the russian-Ukrainian war in July. It was reported by PEN Ukraine.

On July 14, Volodymyr Datsenko, a journalist of NGO Vinnytsya Road Control, volunteer and Ukrainian defender, perished due to the rocket attack. He brought his fellow to the private clinic that was destroyed by russian firing. His death was confirmed on July 15, his press card was recovered at the murder scene.


On July 17, the death of Karim Hulamov – host of M2 music channel and AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) soldier – was reported. He was an ATO veteran as a member of Special Operations forces, and served in the 73rd Center of Special Operations.


Karim Hulamov was a host of the program “Military Hit Parade” on M2 Channel. He worked with Andrii Antonenko (Riffmaster), participated in several public actions, etc. After February 24, 2022, Hulamov came to the defense of Ukraine again. Moreover, he helped to evacuate Irpin residents.

Journalist Mykola Rachok was reported killed in action on July 21. He worked InfoCar, the automobile periodical. From the first days of the full-scale war, Mykola Rachok bravely defended Ukraine in the ranks of AFU.


On July 27, Oleksandr Savochenko was announced to pass away. He worked for STB TV channel, AFP news agency, Suspilne, and Kyiv TV channel. He made analytical reports on economic and political topics and worked as an international editor. From the beginning of russian full-scale invasion he volunteered to defend Ukraine. Oleksandr was killed near Bakhmut in Donetsk region.


Overall, 37 Ukrainian and foreign journalists died since February 24, 2022 in Ukraine. Eight of them died while carrying out their duties, and twenty-nine as a result of russian shelling, torture, or while defending Ukraine in the ranks of AFU.

As is widely known, in two months from the beginning of the full-scale invasion into Ukraine, russia committed 243 crimes against journalists and media. In a month of the full-scale invasion, russian troops committed 148 crimes against journalists and media.