In russia, books with “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” are about to be removed from the bookstores


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The russian book union is suggested to consider the issue of exclusion books that “contain a propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” from sale by russian state regulator roskomnadzor.

“Roskomnadzor requested the russian book union to examine the question of precluding the distribution of such literature within the self-regulation of the book industry,” said the article.


As stressed by the roskomnadzor, dissemination of “propaganda of deviant relationship in any form does not comply with traditional values of russian society and constitutes a danger not only for underage but also for the whole society”. Currently, spreading “LGBT propaganda” among minors is forbidden in russia, however queer-material, in particular books, remains accessible.


In particular, books of the popular genre in russia “young-adult” may come under prohibition, since the law on the distribution of “LGBT propaganda” among minors is already in force.


“Appropriate amendments to legislation must be introduced for a halt of a subsequent popularization of non-traditional sexual relationships in russia. Earlier, a project for such changes was discussed at the meeting of the public council under roskomnadzor. At this time, the bill is submitted to the state duma, roskomnadzor noted.


The law on prohibition of propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relationships” is valid since June 2013 in russia. For its violation, a natural person can get a fine of 4-5 thousand rubles, an official – 40-50 thousand rubles, and a juridical person – from 800 thousand to 1 million rubles.


It shall be reminded that the russian state duma adopted the law on “fakes” which implies from 10 to 15 years of imprisonment for the dissemination of false information, according to the russian authorities.