Local media in Mariupol are being threatened with imprisonment in Siberia


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Employees of the Mariupol website 0629.com.ua are getting regular threats because of the editorial board’s position. Editor Anna Murlykina posted about this on Facebook

User «Dima Burov» sent an email from dimaw3tburov@mail.ua threatening them with imprisonment if the site «doesn’t stop working for the Ukrainian regime».


«If you are not afraid of ending up in the correctional colonies of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District, you can continue to spread propaganda for the Ukrainian regime. At least prepare warm clothes, because your long holiday in prison will be cold!», – the letter reads. 



In her comments to the Institute of Mass Media, Anna Murlykina said that the editorial board receives similar emails several times a day. 


The editorial board has asked the SBU to look into the addresses sending the emails. Most of them are registered under russian numbers and have already been blocked.  


Earlier, the website reported that for three weeks hackers had been attacking them. 


In March, russia committed more than 150 crimes against the media. As of March 24, there had been 148 crimes against journalists


Image: 0629.com.ua