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Love letters for the Armed Forces: Ukrainian illustrators raise 1 million for the army with postcards


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Ukrainian illustrators have created a charity series of postcards called “Love Letters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine” to raise one million hryvnias to buy drones for the military.

The project will last until March 8. Each postcard will be sold in duplicate: you can keep one for yourself and send the other to the military.


By selling the postcards, they plan to raise one million hryvnias to buy Mavic drones for the soldiers. A total of 20,000 postcards have been printed, and the price of each one is 50 UAH (1,35 USD).



The postcards were designed by seven Ukrainian illustrators: Artem Husiev, Maria Kinovych, Nato Mikeladze, Viktor Hrudakov, Liza Yablonska-Mikhailus, Oleh Semak and Anna Havryliuk.


Artem Husiev

Maria Kinovych

Nato Mikeladze

Viktor Hrudakov

Liza Yablonska-Mikhailus

Oleh Semak

Anna Havryliuk


Postcards are available at Techno Yizhak electrical stores and on the company’s website. At the points of sale, there are mailboxes where you can put your letter to the Armed Forces.


“I really like the idea of sending postcards to the front line so that the people who are defending us know that we all remember thanks to whom and at what cost we live our lives. I am also happy that the money raised from the sales will go to a useful cause,” said Liza Yablonska-Mikhailus.


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