New puzzles with Ukrainian illustrations were created


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Frisson in association with 8 Ukrainian illustrators created a limited collection of jigsaw puzzles. They announced its launch on their website.

Each set consists of 500 pieces. The sets are also classified into Casual and Hard based on the difficulty level.


In addition, the company guarantees replacement of up to 5 pieces in case they get lost or damaged.

Andrii Kovtun and Victoriia Lime

Mari Kinovych

Yuliia Tveritina


In her commentary to DTF Magazine, Frisson founder Kseniia Morozenko told that ever since they launched the brand in 2020, they’ve wanted to support local artists. That’s why the team started scouting talented artists and negotiating collaborations.


Thus, one of their collections features the works of illustrator Mari Kinovych, WE BAD duo, the authors of one of Kyiv murals Andrii Kovtun and Victoriia Lime as well as photos of Oleksandr Ant. For this collaboration specifically the artists created the picture JUNGLE that shows “Kyiv jungles”.


The collections also include Volodymyr Manzhos’ work The Magus created 10 years ago.


Other artists that created the images for the puzzles are illustrator Yuliia Tveritina who visualized the first day after Ukraine’s victory in the war, BANDA designer Yevhen Velychev and artist Anastasiia Sholik.


To buy the puzzle follow the link.


Frisson team plans to keep working with Ukrainian illustrators. The next collection will feature the works of young and not yet famous artists. Moreover, anyone can submit their design for the new collection. For this, just fill the application and send it at the address on the website.


It shall be reminded that The Information Front newspaper was published. It features the pictures taken by Ukrainian photographers during the first couple month of russian full-scale war against Ukraine.


It’s also been reported that Ukrainian editorial of famous fashion magazine is to release the book “9 ½ years of Vogue in Ukraine” which collects the most iconic photographs from the pages of Vogue UA since its launch.


Source: DTF Magazine