Ukrainian illustrator’s got to the World Illustration Awards 2022 short list


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The work of Ukrainian illustrator Tania Yakunova was shortlisted for World Illustration Awards 2022. This was announced by the artist on her Instagram page.

A handmade crockery set Ordinary Despair got to the Award’s short list in the category Exploration.


Yakunova also posted the video with the process of creating the ceramics. “So, here is a bit of a process behind the project. You can spot one plate haven’t made it, ceramic is a very fragile and unpredictable medium. Just like our brain,” she said.



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Допис, поширений Tania Yakunova (@anni_tett)


The project is dedicated to the struggle with the aggravation of depression during the lockdown.


“When you’re locked down at home and almost don’t go outside, the only witness to your emotions is household stuff. This is how the idea of creating this set that was a witness of depression appeared. Ceramics as a material is perfect for the topic, since it’s both hardened and fragile. All the items are handmade and painted,” explained the illustrator.



You can se the complete short list at the website of the British Association of Illustrators.


It shall be reminded that Tania Yakunova’s works were short- and longlisted for the award in 2021 and 2020.


Photo: Tania Yakunova’s Instagram