The 28th International Poster Biennale has announced its winners


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The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw has announced the winners of the 28th International Poster Biennale. Ukrainian illustrator Dasha Podoltseva received a gold medal for her work “Harvest,” according to the academy’s website.

The description notes that Podoltseva received the Biennial’s highest award “for her poster with a timely and shocking message from the present in an idyllic image of the past”.

The silver medal went to Polish artist Wojciech Domagalski for his poster entitled “Cloud from Poland.” Domagalski’s creation was praised for its “unsettling and expressive visual statement about freedom, deliberately avoiding explicit language to create a space open to universal interpretation.”

The Biennale jury awarded the bronze medal to Isana Wada from Japan for her poster “Pure.” The artwork represents, “a fresh and modern interpretation of the poster and effectively engages the viewer through its visual language and message while subtly addressing numerous geopolitical issues”.

The winners in other categories can be found on the official website of the Biennale.


The jury consisted of Joanna Górska (Poland), Rikke Hansen (Denmark), Lech Majewski (Poland), Melchior Imboden (Switzerland), and Patrick Thomas (Germany). The works of all the winners will be showcased in an exhibition at the poster festival taking place in Poland until the fall of 2023.


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