Taras Matviiv

The book written by the fallen Hero of Ukraine Taras Matviiv was presented in the Lviv region


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Media report that the book My Thoughts by the journalist, Hero of Ukraine Taras Matviiv, who died at the frontline, was presented in the Kohavina Monastery in the Lviv region

My Thoughts is a lyrical collection of poems written by a warrior that was published posthumously. Taras’s mother found these poems in his room after her son’s death.


“We knew he was talented, especially as a journalist and orator. He wrote excellent journalistic articles. In addition, he blogged at the local Lviv media Lvivska Manufactura Novyn. His articles were always making impression on readers there. But we did not know that he was writing such subtle lyrical things. When I began to look at these works page by page, I had mixed feelings: pain, joy, and surprise,” Taras’ mother Valentyna Matviiv said.

Parents did not immediately decide to publish Taras’ works. But later, they found a list of his dreams among the papers. The first dream was the victory in the war, Ukrainian Crimea and Donbas, and the second one was the presentation of his collection of poems.


“He wrote about everything there: love, the meaning of life, relationships with God, the search for a goal, and love for Ukraine. There are even such global topics as what a Ukrainian and a patriot should be. It is impossible to realize what a wide range of interests, opinions, and views this person had. I think everyone who opens this book will find exactly what they are looking for and answers to their questions because Taras was a very many-sided person,”  Valentyna added.


Taras Matviiv died on July 10, 2020, rescuing his comrades from a burning dugout during mortar shelling.


As it’s been reported before, during russian full-scale invasion, 38 journalists, both Ukrainian and foreign, were killed in Ukraine.


Source: Espresso.West, Vysokyi Zamok

Photo: Khrystyna Parubii