Oleksii Yurchenko, the cameraman from Priamyi channel, died fighing for Balakliia


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The cameramen from Priamyi channel, Oleksii Yurchenko, who served in Ukrainian army was killed while liberating Balakliia, a town in Kharkiv region. This was reported by Priamyi channel with a reference to his wife, Tetiana Yurchenko. 

Yurchenko started working for Priamyi channel in 2021. On February 24 this year, he joined Ukrainian Armed Forces and got to the frontline, since he had field experience: in 2015-2016 he participated in ATO, fighting for Pisky and Mariinka in particular.  


In August this year he was promoted to officer position. He was in charge of grenadier troop.


“Oleksii Yurchenko wll forever be remembered. Bright and immortal be his memory!” states the video tribute of his colleagues.



According to the Institute of Mass Information, Oleksii Yurchenko became the 38th media employee who died due to russian agression in Ukraine. Eight of them were killed in the line of their duty, 30 died as combatants or as a result of russian shelling, not in the line of duty.


It shall be reminded that in May, the soldier and journalist Vitalii Derekh died in Luhansk region, and in July, Volodymyr Datsenko, a volunteer and journalist of local NGO was killed as a result of russian missile attack on Vinnytsia.


Photo: Priamyi