The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation calls for the exclusion of Russia from UNESCO


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The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UСF) calls for the exclusion of the Russian Federation from UNESCO. This was stated by the executive director of the UCF Vladyslav Berkovsky during the live broadcast of the Swedish public broadcaster SVT.

«The Russian occupiers continue to ruthlessly destroy Ukraine’s cultural heritage, publicly claiming that Ukrainian culture does not exist and has never existed. They continue to pillage Ukrainian museums and destroy Ukrainian theaters. We urge the global cultural community to exclude Russia from UNESCO, because instead of protecting or reviving tangible and intangible cultural heritage, Russia is only destroying it. There can be no common values ​​or partnership with the aggressor», – Vladyslav Berkovsky stated.


The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation together with the country’s cultural community continues to appeal to international organizations to stop any partnership with Russia.


As previously reported, the Ministry of Culture called on the EU to expand sanctions against Russia in the cultural and information fields. 


As reported, cultural figures demand from their foreign colleagues to impose sanctions against Russia in the cultural field.


The Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers also called on the International Association to support sanctions against Russia, as did representatives of the Ukrainian Institute and the Ukrainian Book Institute.