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Ukrainian artist Viacheslav Mashnytskyi went missing in Kherson region


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In Kherson region, Ukrainian artist Viacheslav Mashnytskyi went missing. This was reported by his friends on Facebook.

Viacheslav was last seen at his country house on Velykyi Potiomkin island.


“Today, we’ve found the traces of blood at the premises of Viacheslav’s country house, on the clothes left there, as well as his overgarments and some overturned furniture. His Dnipro boat and an engine from his Suzuki boat have also disappeared. I can’t tell you more for now… and I’m asking those having any information or who saw anything to let us know… Thank you for understanding and help… We’ll update you as soon as we find out anything,” wrote his friend Oleksandr Astafiev.


Apart from this on October 20 the search team gathered at the underground passage of the sea and river port and searched the island.


For those willing to donate for search works here’s the card details of Viacheslav’s relative: 5375411405352670 (Hanna Vitaliivna Mashnytska).


Viacheslav Mashnytskyi is a Ukrainian artist, video artist, author of numerous objects and installations, curator of exhibitions. He’s been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1994.


The artist was born in Kherson. He graduated from Odesa Grekov Art College (1984), and later from Kyiv Arts Institute, now National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, (1992).


He’s been teaching art in Kyiv school No.8, worked as a designer in Moscow, was the head of Advertisement and Marketing Department at Regard company.


Viacheslav is a cofounder of the gallery Spilka Spadkoyemtsiv/02, founder of the Museum of Modern Art Kherson, and Kherson regional charity fund of Polina Raiko.


It shall be reminded that in seven months of the full-scale war russia has committed 454 crimes against journalists and media in Ukraine.


It’s also been reported earlier that investigative journalist from Zaporizhzhia Oleh Shemchuk, who had joined Ukrainian Army, went missing on September 15 when performing combat mission near the city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast.


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Photo: Mikhail Melnychenko / Babel