Ukrainian higher education sector will receive assistance from European colleagues


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The European University Association (EUA) Council plans to set up a solidarity fund to support the Ukrainian higher education sector, says the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The Council will establish a task force for the post-war recovery of Ukraine and its university sector. The group will be put together in the coming weeks and will be chaired by EUA Board member Ivanka Popović from the University of Belgrade.


EUA is also taking measures to assist the integration of Ukrainian universities: 


  • waiving EUA membership fees for all existing and new members during 2022;
  • encouraging and expediting new membership applications from eligible Ukrainian institutions and organisations (including the national rectors’ conference);
  • giving access to some services and events to non-member Ukrainian universities where appropriate; and
  • considering the establishment of a voluntary solidarity fund to support Ukrainian participation in EUA activities.


The Council of Europe has committed to helping Ukraine protect its cultural heritage.  


Spending on education and science was cut by 14 billion hryvnias in the general fund of the 2022 state budget.