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Alleged burial place of kidnapped Volodymyr Vakulenko became known


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In one of mass graves near Izum a body was found that may belong to Volodymyr Vakulenko who had been kidnapped by russians in March this year. This was reported by Suspilne.

Volodymyr Vakulenko is a public activist, participant of the Revolution of Dignity, author of 13 books, for children in particular, poet, and laureat of numerous literary awards.


On March 24, he was kidnapped by russians in a village of Kapytolivka near Izum, Kharkiv region. The village was occupied by russians at the time. 


The writer was allegedly held captive. Over the last six months his fate was unknown.


On september 5, after most of Kharkiv region was liberated mass burials of killed and tortured by russians were found around Izum.


As Suspilne journalists have found out, in a register kept by Izum ritual service there is an entry No. 319 that says Volodymyr Vakulenko.

Under number 319 you can see the entry about some Volodymyr Vakulenko, born on 01.07.1972


As of now the body No. 319 was exhumed, the expertise is being carried out. After it’s done it will become clear whether the body is Vakulenko’s or not.


At the same time the writer’s mom, Olena Ihnatenko, has information that Volodymyr might’ve been taken out of country: “In May. or June maybe, I accidentally heard bits of the talk about a Vakulenko. And a phrase I heard was “Vakulenko was taken to russia and will be judged there”. It gave me hope that he’s alive. Yet, the news of the last few days about the exhumation and register entries… I’ve learned about it just now after the service was restored. But we do hope that there’s a mistake”.


It shall be reminded that Volodymyr Vakulenko burried his diary at his parents’ fully aware that the occupiers will come after him. Right now Kharkiv literature museum is working on digitization of his records.


Photos: Suspilne, Volodymyr Vakulenko’s Facebook profile