Frederic Biegbeder

Frederic Biegbeder: Zelenskyi has huge balls, and Putin has a very, very tiny penis


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French novelist Frederic Begbeder spoke in support of Ukrainians in the war with Russia, and also appealed to Russians not to remain silent and to oppose the dictatorship. The writer posted a video message on his Instagram page.

«Dear Ukrainians!


Three days ago, I thought Zelenskyi was a clown. But now I know that he has the biggest balls in the universe. And Vladimir Putin is not only a bitch, but mainly he is scared. He is ridiculous. He has a very, very tiny penis, a very, very small dick, okay? I am ashamed of my government, my country of cowards, for not coming to help you immediately. I’m really ashamed. I think, all the Western governments should help you as soon as possible. Really, tonight. I wish we could come right now,


And I want to say to all my Ukrainian friends that I love you, and you are brave people, and you deserve to be completely free. Because you are European people, you are a part of Europe, you are a part of NATO. If I could make a decision, you would be completely part of us. You are our brothers. And to all my Russian readers and Russian friends, please, react now and say what you feel, refuse this stupid dictator, stop it. You cannot remain silent. You are not allowed to remain silent. All the Russian readers, if you like my work, please respect freedom. Stop this stupid, nonsense war»/



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Frederic Begbeder is a French novelist, publicist, literary critic, editor, screenwriter, actor, and director. Author of Love Lasts Three Years, 99 Francs, Oona and Salinger, and other books.


As purported earlier, Stephen King has called to support Ukraine despite the possible negative consequences, because «it’s the right thing to do», and Margaret Atwood is spreading information about Ukraine and its resistance.


Olga Tokarczuk, a Nobel Laureate in Literature, has also expressed her support for Ukraine.


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