Kurkov’s “Jimi Hendrix Live in Lviv” will be published in Great Britain


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Andriy Kurkov’s novel “Jimi Hendrix Live in Lviv” will be published by the British publishing house MacLehose Press. This was announced on the website of the publishing house.


MacLehose Press bought the rights to publish the novel in English from the Swiss publishing house Diogenes Verlag.


“From the story of the hippies of Soviet Lviv, hanging out in the shadow of the party committee building, to the romance between a woman who is allergic to money (but works at a bureau de change) and a man who drives kidney-stone patients over cobblestones for a living, this is vintage Kurkov. His signature brand of humour is everywhere in abundance, as are seagulls, doves, a salty smell in the air and vodka!” commented Paul Engles, publisher of MacLehose Press, for The Bookseller.

“There’s positive news in dramatic times. This time for my friends from Lviv, for Alik Olisevych, Yurko Vynnychuk, Oksana Prokhorets, for everyone who loves Lviv. Finally, “Jimi Hendrix Live in Lviv” will be released in English!” Kurkov noted on his Facebook page.


Kurkov added in a comment to The Bookseller: “Lviv is the most magical city in Ukraine with the charm of Vienna and the atmosphere of Venice, though without the water. I am so happy this novel is coming out in English! I hope readers will not only read it but will also go to Lviv to look for the secret grave of Jimi Hendrix and also to enjoy a hidden gem with incredible international history!”


The release of the novel is scheduled for March 2, 2023. “Live in Lviv” was translated from Russian by Reuben Woolley.


The book will cost £17.


Andriy Kurkov is a Ukrainian writer, journalist, screenwriter, and former president of Ukrainian PEN. The author of the novels and short stories “Death and the Penguin”, “Maidan Diaries”, “Grey Bees”, as well as story books, children’s works and film scripts. Andriy Kurkov’s works have been translated into more than 40 languages.


As reported before, Kurkov’s novel “Grey Bees” took first place in the top ten sales in the Netherlands, overtaking Stephen King’s “Fairy Tale”.


Also, Kurkov’s book “Vilnius, Paris, Londres” was published in French.