Moscow libraries withdraw books by Murakami and Fry


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Moscow libraries started to receive lists of books to be withdrawn from access and written off without any official grounds. This is reported by one of the russian book telegram channels.


The list of books to be seized includes 53 works by mostly foreign authors. Among them are novels by Haruki Murakami, Stephen Fry, Antonia Byatt, Jean Genet, Jaume Cabré, Michael Cunningham, Sarah Waters, Todd Strasser’s book “The Wave” about a school experiment, which demonstrates how fascism emerges in society. As for russian authors, one of them is Eduard Limonov, who was declared persona non grata in Ukraine during his lifetime.


Given the content of most of the works on the list, it can be assumed that they are subject to removal due to the fact that they somehow touch on the topic of LGBTQIA+, or their authors are open representatives of the community.


In December, russian president vladimir putin signed a series of laws banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”, which impose heavy fines for Russians and deportation for foreigners.


Recall that russia forces displaced Ukrainians to cultural assimilation.


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