Patreon has been blocked in russia


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As announced by media, the website of American platform Patreon is no longer available on the territory of russia.

The website was blocked by decision of russian Prosecutor General’s Office. On top of that, anither 102 websites are reported to be blocked by the same decision.


The list of forbidden resources includes online writing assistant Grammarly, websites of Arguments and Facts in Ukraine, European Pravda, Radio Svoboda, russian TV channel Current Time (Настоящее время), Site.ua, Sport.ua, websites with movies etc.


Patreon is an American internet platform where one can support projects and people on subscription basis.


The service was founded by musician Jack Conte who was looking for a way to make a living from his popular YouTube videos. Together with Sam Yam he developed a platform that allowed ‘patrons’ to pay a set account of money every time an artist created a work of art.


Let us remind that earlier Roskomnadzor blocked access to the internet service Google News. In addition, the Tverskoy court of Moscow banned social media of Meta Platforms, Facebook and Instagram, on the territory of russia for their ‘extremist activity’. Their logos were also prohibited.


As is known, Educational Testing Service, the company that holds tests for TOEFL, forbidden russian citizens to register for their tests.