Russia damaged and destroyed more than 550 cultural heritage sites


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In Ukraine, more than 130,000 cultural heritage sites are registered with the state, while more than 550 sites have been destroyed or damaged as a result of Russian aggression. This was announced by Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko on his telegram channel.


According to him, there are 109,930 monuments under state protection, and more than 130,000 cultural heritage sites are registered with the state. “Some of them are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List – especially during the war as endangered. Because the aggressor country is deliberately destroying everything we love and cherish so much, everything that defines us as a nation,” the minister emphasized.


He noted that the loss of every cultural monument is a loss for the world’s heritage.

“Cultural heritage is a key element of the Ukrainian nation’s identification and a factor of Ukraine’s national security. The war was the impetus for the transformation of the understanding of the latter. That is why we are raising the cultural heritage — historical and cultural monuments, landmarks and traditions — to a new level of importance for everyone in the country and in the world,” Tkachenko emphasized.


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