Tiktok temporarily suspends its work in Russia


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The Chinese social network Tiktok temporarily suspends its work in Russia. A post about this appeared on its page on Twitter.


The application is suspended due to the introduction of the ‘fake news’ law in Russia. TikTok intends to review the safety implications of this law for the users, emphasizing that it is a top priority for the company.


«We will continue to evaluate the evolving circumstances in Russia to determine when we might fully resume our services», – the company said.


TikTok also supported Ukraine: «The war in Ukraine is devastating, and our hearts break for all those who are suffering».


Earlier,  Russia’s State Duma passed a law on fakes, imposing a jail term of up to 15 years for spreading intentionally «fake» news. It also led to a decision by a number of international media outlets to shut down their operations in Russia.


Recently, Radio Svoboda suspended its activities in Russia due to this law.


In addition, Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has blocked Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.