Ukrainian books available in Irish libraries


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It is now possible to order Ukrainian books to any library in Ireland. This was announced by Ukrainian Action in Ireland on their Facebook page.

“Since in Ireland you can order books from any library in the country, not only from the one closest to you, you can borrow a Ukrainian book even if you live in a different city. For this you only need to have a library card,” said in the post.


Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to order a book:

  • Open the website of the library;
  • Top right choose Advanced Search, in Language box put Ukrainian to see all the books in Ukrainian (for your convenience you can filter children and adult literature);
  • Next press blue button Place Reservation and choose delivery to the library in your city; or go to the nearest library where the administrator can help you with placing reservation.


You return the book to the nearest library as well.

Among the books available there are Ukrainian folk tales, bilingual books, contemporary Ukrainian and foreign literature and non-fiction.


They say that the books are delivered from Lviv to Wicklow County by the volunteers of Fundacja Folkowisko.


It shall be reminded that under the project Books without Borders, over 160 thousand books were printed and bought for Ukrainian kids who were forced to move abroad due to russian aggression.


Meanwhile the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and the Federation of European Publishers have transferred 5000 books in Ukrainian to kid and teen refugees from Ukraine.


Photo: Ukrainian Action in Ireland