Human Rights

UN calls on states not to sponsor propaganda and counteract misinformation


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The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted an action plan to combat misinformation at the request of Ukraine. The corresponding resolution was adopted on 1 April 2022.

The draft resolution is entitled «The role of states in counteracting the negative impact of disinformation on the observance and realization of human rights». It was initiated by Ukraine, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain and the United States.


It provides for 8 points of a joint strategy to combat propaganda and fakes, as well as cooperation between states to ensure human rights at the international level.


According to the text of the resolution, the UN Human Rights Council calls for the fight against misinformation, compliance with international law, in particular to protect and respect freedom of expression and access to information.


In addition, the Council calls on states to create an environment to combat misinformation, including through strengthening cooperation with international organizations, civil society, the media, the private sector, stakeholders, etc.


They also stressed that social media campaigns would be encouraged to counter disinformation and ensure respect for human rights. It is possible to change algorithms and review business models, including increasing transparency, compliance with all legal remedies for users of social networks.


These changes and incentives will take place in accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


In addition, the UN Human Rights Council decided to convene a discussion at the 52nd session on countering the negative impact of disinformation on the enjoyment and realization of human rights and on ensuring appropriate measures.


The full text of the resolution can be read on the website of the UN Human Rights Council.


Russia is actively pursuing its propaganda activities. The russian federation has accused Ukraine of «distorting history» having «analysed» 300 textbooks. In addition, the occupiers «guide» on how to create fakes about Ukraine was found on social networks, while teachers in russia received special manuals with detailed instructions that explain what and how to tell children about the war against Ukraine.


Ukraine has created a fund to combat misinformation. Also, the Centre for National Resistance has developed a guide with instructions to counter the enemy in occupied territories.