Volodymyr Rafeyenko’s book released in the USA


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The Length of Days the book by Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Rafeyenko has been released in the US. This was reported by the journalist of Chytomo.

The book was published in The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard (HURI), a department of Harvard University. It was translated by Sibelan Forrester, and the introduction to the book was written by the historian Marci Shore. The book is published as part of Harvard Library of Ukrainian Literature series.

“In this novel due to the combination of realistic manner of narration and fairytale principles of plot development, the true picture of what was happening at the beginning of russian-Ukrainian war back in 2014-2015 is born,” Volodymyr Rafeyenko tells Chytomo.


At first the book was published in 2017 in Fabula Publishing House. The author was telling about the life of people who stayed in occupied Donetsk region.


“Aristotle said that there’s no sense in facts. For sense to emerge, we need to get on the edge of our own efforts. This book is my attempt at finding sense under war conditions,” adds Volodymyr.


Volodymyr Rafeyenko is a Ukrainian writer, novelist and poet. In 2019, he released his first Ukrainian novel Mondegreen (Songs of Death and Love) published by Meridian Czernowitz.


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