Crimean occupation government is after 11 Crimean journalists


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11 citizen journalists of Crimean Tatar origin have fallen victims to political repression from russian occupation government in Crimea. This was reported by the analyst of CrimeaSOS Yevhenii Yaroshenko.

“This is another wave of searches that usually happen twice a year here. As a rule, Crimean Tatars are accused of supporting terrorist organisations. Citizen journalists and activists often become victims of such searches and seizures. As of now there are 11 Crimean citizen journalists being prosecuted by occupation government,” added Yevhenii.


Thus, on August 11, 8 searches were conducted in the temporarily occupied Crimea, 6 Crimean Tatars were detained under Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Organization of the terrorist organizaton’s activities and participation in the activities of such an organization”.


Among the detainee there is a citizen journalist Vilen Temerianov and activist Enver Krosh. Temerianov has the record of two administrative cases one of which resulted in an administrative arrest for several days in 2021. The activist Krosh was electrocuted by russians in 2015 and arrested in 2018.


As of now 13 citizen journalists from the civic movement Crimean Solidarity are under arrest. Vilen Temerianov has become the 14th citizen journalist behind bars. The author of informational blog Crimean Medicine without Cover Iryna Danylovych, freelancer from Crimea.Realia Vladyslav Yesypenko and the editorial board member of the magazine Black Sea Security Oleksii Bessarabov are now being kept in russian detention centers or prison colonies.


It shall be reminded that Chytomo and PEN Ukraine are realizing a media project #EmptyChairPeople dedicated to Ukrainian and world writers and journalists being repressed due to their political beliefs.


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Photo: DW