Mykhailo Hrushevskyi’s Survey of the History of the Ukrainian People was published in French


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In France, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi’s Survey of the History of the Ukrainian People (Précis d’Histoire de l’Ukraine) in 2 volumes was published in updated translation. It was announced by Dmytro Chystiak on his Facebook.

The book was printed by publishing house Christophe Chomant Editeur. According to him, the work on the two-volume book lasted more than one month.


“We are happy that French-speaking readers will be able to discover this little-known part of world history. After all, this is the only one of the accessible editions which provides us with Ukrainian identity, ancient and unknown culture, national progress through centuries of struggle for the self-assertion of this European nation,” Chomant stated.


He also pointed out that they worked on books in partnership with a translator Dmytro Chystiak, a Vice President of National Writers’ Union of Ukraine.

Chystiak noted that “a broad view on Ukrainian history until the early 20th century which will help to understand the core issues about the centuries-old struggle of Ukraine for self-assertion, about our language and culture, about our relations with European civilization — as opposed to innumerable speculators from the enemy side” is available for French readers owing to Hrushevskyi’s two-volume edition.


Chystiak expressed gratitude to academician Yurii Mosenkis from the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine for cooperation on the Introduction.


To buy the books follow the link.


As for the further plans of the publishing house, an updated edition of the Anthology of Ukrainian Literature is next in turn. In 2013, they published the anthology of Ukrainian poetry Clarinets of the Sun.

It shall be recalled, that in 2022, the play Bad Roads by Nataliia Vorozhbyt was published by a French publisher l’Espace d’un instant. Furthermore, the world’s first collection of Zelenskyi’s speeches was published in France.